Konstantin & Friends, München

Just opened, Konstantin & Friends, a great place in Munchen, Germany, where we installed an 8- and 12-bottle By The Glass dispenser. Konstantin&Friends is an initiative by Konstantinos Kappos who made quite a remarkable career change as he was a member of the board of a Greek Telekom company for 10 years.  On 400 square meters Konstantin&Friends combines a Gourmet restaurant, wine bar, deli, wine store and cooking school. This means the best food stuff from Greece, e.g. pomegranate liqueur from Crete, olive oil from the Peloponnese, orange marmalade from Attica and of course beautiful wines from small wine producers, can be enjoyed on the spot or taken home. Chef Nikos Pouliasis is co-founder of the new Greek cuisine and brings plates like smoked eel mousse with wild capers and toasted almonds pork cheeks with quince chutney and peppery chocolate on the table. If you feel confident enough you can try yourself in the cooking school!